Volume 14
September 2007

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New Ideas, More Member Benefits

Click here to read about some of the newest free benefits available to our members to help make your job easier and generate more revenue… and we’re just getting started!

New NACHI TV Episode Online

Log on to see our latest episode starring Don Kinn of Smart Trucks Inc. discussing his amazing, custom-built “inspection office on wheels.”

New Member Requirement Course, CE Credit

In our continuing mission to remain the world’s leading inspection organization, we have decided to make completion of the new NACHI online safety course a requirement for all new members. For existing members this course will also qualify for one hour of CE.

Our thanks to Joe Farsetta for a thoughtful, comprehensive presentation. Safety first!

“This is What NACHI is All About”

This week, I received a call from one of our members (who asked that I not use his name) to tell me a story about what NACHI really means to him. It seems that someone broke into his truck in the middle of the night and stole his $5,000 thermal camera, putting a huge dent in his business.

No sooner did word start to spread about the theft, the member began to receive unsolicited donations from fellow members across the country and Canada. Ultimately, he was able to purchase a used thermal camera (also from a fellow member), and is back in business just a few weeks later.

“I was overwhelmed by the support and kindness shown by my fellow members,” he told me, adding, “This is what NACHI is all about!” And he’s right.

Thanks to all the members who pitched in to help a fellow member in need (you know who you are)!

Stop Losing Money to Exterminators!

Kevin Hurley, a Board-Certified Entomologist and approved educator for NACHI CEs, has recently introduced a wonderful series of WDI Distance Learning certification programs for home inspectors. Courses include topics such how to complete NPMA-33 forms, termite biology and entry points, how to recognize species damage, tools and basic/advanced building construction design.

With more than 18 years of experience in the urban pest control industry, Hurley is Board Certified by the Entomological Society of America and has worldwide training experience in the US, Canada and Europe. For more information on these valuable at-home courses, visit Kevin’s website, or call him directly at (845) 657-7027. Mention “NACHI30” when ordering and Kevin will take 30% off your order!

Coming Soon: Free “Inspecting Green Buildings” Course

Now in development, a new, IAC2-approved course covering energy codes, sources, ratings, audits, identification of green systems and components, sustainability and indoor air quality will be available soon – free of charge – to all NACHI members. Stay tuned for a release date announcement soon!

Our thanks to course author Kenton Shepard, as well as Marcel Cyr and Barry Adair for their invaluable help on this great new member benefit.

Calling All NACHI Chapter Presidents!

Home Inspector Essentials has launched a new affiliate program that allows NACHI Chapters to earn cash back on purchases made by their respective members. Now, inspectors earn individual rewards for purchases and simultaneously help provide support for his or her local NACHI chapter. It’s easy to sign up, completely free to participate and the reward possibilities are endless.

“This programs allows us to effectively provide support for inspectors at the chapter level across the country although we don’t have the ability to attend many of their key events”, said operations manager Erica Graeber.

To get program details, visit the Home Inspector Essentials website at www.hi-essentials.com or contact program director Nick Amoroso at (888) 449-3701.

Free Web Commercial Production for NACHI Members

Working in cooperation with NACHI chapters across the country and Canada, NACHI TV will produce and host your very own online commercial at no charge. Members can link to their custom commercials from their own websites and even email the link to potential clients and to local real estate agents.
Click here for more information, or drop us a line at fastreply@nachi.org.

Pro-Lab Goes Infrared

Our friends at Pro-Lab are pleased to announce that they are now offering a full line of Flir B-Series cameras, and that all NACHI members will receive 4 free mold analyses with the purchase of any model. Click here for more information, or call Ben Fontan at (800) 427-0550.

Fortune 500 Companies Promote NACHI Nationwide

With help from companies like Home Depot, Glad, DIRECTV, Vonage, Budget, Domino's Pizza, Lamps Plus, PRO-LAB, Mayflower, Best Buy, Brinks and many more, NACHI has created a brand new
Home Head Start guide full of maintenance reminders, home improvement advice, advantages of having a seller inspection performed, home security tips, and a moving checklist.  Each guide includes over $1,000.00 worth of gift certificates and savings coupons of interest to homebuyers and home sellers. Best of all, nearly 1 million have been shipped to consumers across the United States. Check it out here.

Business Need a Boost?

Check out our newly-updated Success Tips section, chock-full of strategies, ideas and suggestions to help give your business a boost.

MoveInCertified Lawn Sign Art Available Free

Our new MoveInCertified yard sign artwork is up and available for
download here. The file is in “Kinko’s-friendly, 72 DPI vectored format, and many of our members are already putting them to good use!

INTERNACHI Trademarks Secured

We’re delighted to report that The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, Inc. (NACHI's 5 year old sister organization) has s
uccessfully filed 3 new trademarks in international class for INTERNACHI (word mark); INTERNACHI (design mark); and INSPECTING THE WORLD (tagline).

New Revenue Opportunity: Pay-Per-View Reports

As many of you know, our industry is steadily evolving from an industry that works primarily for homebuyers to one that primarily works for home sellers. With that in mind, the new InterNACHI site we are building is going to have a few new features, including one will allow those of you working for sellers to offer your inspections at a base price, but with the seller's permission to charge each potential buyer or interested party a nominal fee to see the report (i.e. “Pay Per View”).

What’s more, the system will automatically alert anyone who has paid to view one of your reports any time you upload anything else to that home's Fetchreport file (such as re-inspection reports). This is also a great tool for promoting annual inspections.
Check out the discussion here.

Commercial Inspection Courses Coming Soon

NACHI, in conjunction with CMI Academy, is pleased to present a brand new commercial inspection course coming to a city near you – at a special NACHI member fee of only $150!

This comprehensive,
8-hour course provides everything an inspector needs to know about successfully expanding into the commercial arena in just 8 hours. All aspects of commercial inspections are covered, including ASTM 2018-01, project managing, team building, client negotiations, assessment, report writing, preparing a scope of work, inspection agreements and more. Pre-registration is required, and seating will be limited, so keep an eye on the NACHI discussion board for updates, locations and times, or drop an e-mail to fastreply@nachi.org for more details.

Calibration Service – Just $99!

Radon Corporation of America offers calibration services for most makes and models of radon monitors. Our custom designed calibration chamber is one of just several in the United States and is certified by Microbiology Consulting, Inc. We offer 48-hour turnaround from the time we receive your monitor. And for a limited time, we’ll calibrate your test instrument for just $99 and include FREE return shipping. For more information, log onto www.radoncorporation.com, call (877) 24-RADON or drop an e-mail to abitco@cs.com.

KrawlGear - the Biggest Change in Crawling
Since You Learned to Walk!

Why let bad backs and bum knees put you out of business? Discover how KrawlGear can help you prevent injuries and increase your profits. Our gear takes a beating so you don’t have to… guaranteed!

“I have owned a Krawler for the last few months, and find that I don't have as many aches and pains. Best tool that I own!” - Lyle Standish, California NACHI Chairman

SPECIAL OFFER: The first 10 NACHI inspectors to respond to this will special offer this month will receive a FREE FREE KrawlKap featuring hard shell head protection. Visit www.KrawlGear.com today!

FREE Inspection Marketing CD

Mike Crow of the Millionaire Inspector Community is offering NACHI members a free CD containing a variety of marketing secrets from Mike and members of his top coaching team PLUS a free two-month trial membership in his Millionaire Inspector Club!

Get your copy and trial membership by visiting here. You will be asked to pay only $5.72 for shipping and handling.

Boston Environmental Program = Added Revenue

Boston Environmental’s EPA-approved TankSure® Program is a fast, non-invasive system for evaluating residential above-ground fuel oil storage tanks that takes about 15 minutes and gives you yet another way to increase your revenue. Click here to learn more.

NACHI Member Discount on the “Ultimate Ladder”

The durable, lightweight Telesteps ladder fits in the trunk of most cars, and is ideal for work in tight spaces. Available in a variety of sizes from 10.5’ to 14.5’ with a 300 lb. weight rating, these ladders are now available to NACHI members for a 5% discount with free shipping from our friends at REWCI. Check out the complete line at www.REWCI.com, or call 1-888-845-6597.

Economical Mold, E&O Coverage

Do you need Mold or E & O coverage? IOA is a binding authority for Lloyd’s of London, offering some of the best, most affordable nationwide protection the industry has to offer. Click here for more information and to compare rates, or contact Rod Morton directly at rod.morton@ioausa.com.

InspectVue Software Officially Endorsed by NACHI

“If you are a NACHI member, you need to be using InspectVue!” – Nick Gromicko, NACHI Founder

Porter Valley’s Insectivore software has been called the most sophisticated report-writer ever, and for very good reason. This affordable easy to use software features scheduling, marketing, narratives & more – and can even be used on your PDA. Other benefits include an 11,000-entry web service that allows enables you to post and e-mail your reports, a complete invoicing system and more. And 7-day/week support is also included. Click here to learn more, call (800) 388-4541 or send an e-mail to info@pvsoftware.com.

$1000.00 Credit Card System – FREE

NACHI News sponsor Bill Janis offers a fast, wireless system for accepting credit card payments from your customers. No upfront cash, no lease, no application or activation fee required. Even the shipping, installation, training and 24/7 support are free. Check it out here, or call Bill directly at (847) 263-1292.